With the knowledge of architects, the background of builders, and the business approach of developers, Design Styles Architecture provides a full range of services to get your project completed successfully. We understand the most critical factors impacting all types of projects, starting from procurement of land, pro forma calculations, cost-analysis, budgeting, scheduling, and coordination. If your project is not successful, we are not successful. DSA utilizes a team of licensed and certified architects, designers, project managers and CAD/BIM specialists working together throughout the development and execution of each individual project to ensure its success. Our range of services is as diverse as our project types.

For over 20 years Design Styles Architecture (DSA) has been working with clients to realize projects of all types and sizes, both residential and commercial, that strive to enhance our daily lives. Our firm encompasses the talents and credentials of a diverse team, with an enormous amount of design and field experience. Providing a full range of architectural services, DSA is capable of taking your project from initial thought to occupied building.


  • ◼️ Project Management & Administration
  • ◼️ Site Assessment
  • ◼️ Building Assessment
  • ◼️ Programming
  • ◼️ Conceptual Design
  • ◼️ Schematic Design
  • ◼️ Design Development
  • ◼️ Construction Documents
  • ◼️ Specifications
  • ◼️ Contract Administration
  • ◼️ Permitting
  • ◼️ Procurement
  • ◼️ Project Closeout

Project Types

Services Projects - Custom Homes


Single Family

The custom homes designed by DSA are highly regarded and nationally recognized for the aesthetic quality, we also pride ourselves in ensuring each home’s high functionality. To achieve this we have assembled a core group of individuals who thrive on, and understand the importance of good design.

Service Project Types - Education


K-12 (Public/Private), University (Public/Private)

Our team has been working with education institutions for more than a decade, in that time our experience has grown to a diverse range of building types and services. Our team stays at the leading edge of how facilities can positively impact today’s College and University students.



Distribution Facilities, Warehouse, Storage

Our industrial projects have ranged from warehouse, manufacturing, and food production facilities, among others. Some of these facilities comprise of the most complex design challenges of all project types, combining high-tech equipment with storage and office functions. These facilities are becoming increasingly important as our economy is shifting and will only continue to grow.

Services Project Types - Remodel Homes


Single Family, Townhome, Condominium

Remodeling projects are one of the most difficult architectural challenges to undertake. We welcome this challenge by taking a holistic approach to each and every remodel project. We start by studying the existing house in detail while paying particular attention to the personality and desires of the client.

Services Project Types - Amenities


Residential Amenities, Clubhouses, Fitness Centers, Pools, Cabanas

Whether it’s an apartment community, student housing center, or single family housing development, residential amenities are an important factor in creating a sense of place and character for a neighborhood. In addition, it can make a big difference in the success of a community from the standpoint of a developer. Design Styles Architecture has extensive experience working with developers in creating exciting and attractive residential amenity spaces to compliment their properties.



Residential, Commercial, Urban Planning

Designing for mixed-use development involves more than just understanding various project types and putting them together, it requires a greater understanding of the intricate weaving of systems and spaces to create a harmonious project. We approach these projects with careful planning and consideration for thoughtful placemaking.

Services Project Types - Home Builder


Single Family, Townhome, Condominium

We have extensive experience providing our services to several high-volume home builders. These clients have to communicate to several service providers and subcontractors to construct their homes. We layout our plans so they are easy to read and leave little room for interpretation in the field.

Services Project Types - Hospitality


Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Food Service, Convenience Stores

Design Styles Architecture understands the idea that in the hospitality world, when you are away from home, you want to have a comfortable yet unique experience. This is what makes our hospitality design so effective. Our design work in hotel, food, and beverage vary in type and scale, but always strives to create compelling experiences for the patrons. Through the creative use of space, material, and light, our team creates some of the most memorable spaces in the industry.

Services Project Types - Restoration / Reuse


Restoration Projects, Adaptive Reuse

Design Styles Architecture is very experienced in working with historic properties of all types, including both commercial and residential buildings. In fact, our offices are headquartered in a restored 1930s grocery store as well as a 1916 single-family home known as our “design center.” We understand the effort, dedication, and passion behind these projects, as well as the planning and coordination it takes to complete a successful restoration.

Services Project Types - Multi-Family


Townhome, Apartment, Condominium, Student Housing, Senior Housing

Based deeply on our residential design roots, our team at DSA has 20 years of experience with multi-family residential projects. Our Mutli-Family projects include villas, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, assisted living facilities, student housing, and various other housing project types.

Services Project Types - Commercial / Medical Office


Commercial Offices, Medical Offices, Surgical Centers

In today’s world, the office is where some of us spend the majority of our waking life. At Design Styles Architecture, we understand the importance the effect these spaces have on our well-being and productivity. Our team has worked on variety of commercial office spaces, medical offices, pharmaceutical manufacturing, surgical centers, and medical clinics. This experience is continuously growing as we work with local and national clients in this market.

Services Project Types - Tennant Improvement (TI)


Leased Spaces

Tenant improvements, or tenant build-outs, can vary widely from project to project. This can include retail services, food services, professional or medical offices, or a variety of other functions. These are typically interior only projects within existing office buildings, retail centers, or warehouses that involve an arrangement between a building owner and a lessee.