At DSA we have been doing our best to stay informed of the rapidly changing circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, both within our local communities and the world. During this time, we have strived to keep everyone informed, including our clients and partners, of our status and any operational challenges we intend to overcome. Since this crisis has affected all aspects of our daily lives and undoubtedly altered the way we do business, we want to assure everyone that we are responding with the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe and healthy. Ultimately our intention is to continue providing exceptional services to our clients without any interruptions, therefore we have taken significant measures to ensure our team is ready. As of this date (4/1/2020) the following is status report of our business operations.


We are happy to report we currently have a healthy team and hope to keep it that way! Most of our team has been remotely working (from home) for two weeks at this point and we intend to maintain this until the local, state, and governmental agencies deem it safe to return to our offices. We are encouraging our team, and their families, to stay home as much as possible during this time.  We have been conducting daily meetings with all team members via video chat (Microsoft Teams) to see peoples’ faces and hear their voices. Our intention is to maintain good communication internally and provide support for each other during these difficult times. The good news is that after two weeks, our team is staying productive, staying positive, and making it work! We have a great team!


DSA is operational and open for business during this time. This means we are fully staffed and ready to take on new projects. We do not expect any major interruptions in our production capabilities, as we are in constant communication with all our consultants and partners, however certain in-person activities have been postponed and will affect some processes dependent on meetings. For example, the material selection process, material sample availabilities, and deliveries of samples will be altered for the time being. Please reach out to your contact at DSA if you believe these will affect you. The best methods of communication remain email or phone. Our phone system has been modified to reach our team members while working remotely, so you should not notice any difference in our service.


Our current business hours will remain Monday-Friday (8AM-5PM). We do not intend to change this but will update everyone if this needs to change. For the time being we are directing staff to postpone all in-person meetings, including project related meetings, site visits, and other non-essential meetings until further notice.  We are encouraging all our team to convert any meetings to virtual meetings where possible. Any critical on-site meetings will be determined on a case-by-case basis evaluated by the leadership team.


As of this statement, our offices are closed to the public. More than 95% of our staff is working remotely, with a small team working in the office to accept deliveries, handle printing, signing & sealing drawings, and reconfigure the offices. This was a planned redesign and happened to coincide with our team working remotely during this crisis. We are using this opportunity to clean and disinfect our offices, so they will be ready for us to return.


While this is a difficult time for everyone, we are staying busy, productive, and positive! That is because we have a fantastic team! Everyone at DSA is doing great and getting things done! So we want to thank everyone on our team for pulling it together and making it happen! We also want to show our appreciation for all those risking their health and wellbeing to combat this crisis, including medical professionals, law enforcement, and any other critical services putting themselves in harms way. We are grateful!