October 8, 2021

When it comes to Interior Design, beauty is in the details. Lighting is just one interior element that can aid in creating a theme throughout the space. In this case, lighting details were used to subtly communicate the company’s brand.

In developing the design for the new headquarters of Bar Codes Talk, we worked with the client to understand not only their vision for the offices, but their underlying company culture, and overall brand message. We quickly understood their goal of creating a modern environment with simple, clean lines. This concept led to the idea of creating lines of light – using lighting to create a unique, but simple element that would make the building stand out.

The idea was to have a continuous series of light fixtures that started at the exterior façade of the building. The fixtures are then carried through to the interior, along the walls of the walkways, all the way down the conference room wall. This simple concept reflects the visual idea of physical “barcodes” throughout the building, but the concept was very complex in its execution.



It involved different details for the lighting and ceiling systems, for both the interior and exterior elements. The concept required the coordination of different trades, including the general contractor, electrical contractor, and ceiling installer/manufacturer, all brought together to bring the idea into the final completed form.


We further emphasized the idea of lines of light through the selection of the light fixtures over the conference room table, crossing under the ceiling lights. Want to see more of this innovative project? Find it here! Or, to catch more inside peeks of some of our most popular projects, watch our News section for more Spotlight Series Posts.


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