Interior Design Spotlight: Don’t Forget to Look Up!


January 19, 2022

Often when people start to envision their project, they think about what they see when they are walking into a space. Things that immediately catch your eye, like floors, walls, and fixtures. These things almost always take precedent when designing because they are at or below eye level, and within our reach. With this frame of mind, there is an element that has a large impact on the feel of the entire space but can easily be missed: the ceiling. Ceilings are out of our line of sight and distant to the immediate senses. And well, you know what they say….out of sight, out of mind.

When done right, ceilings can be a key element of a room, just as important and exciting as the walls and floors. They help define the volume of the space, and therefore how large or small you may feel within it.

Take for example, our project with IMT Residential at their Boot Ranch Property. Our designers took the original dated ceiling consisting of disjointed elements of wood, arches, and slope planes and transformed it to create a more cohesive and dynamic space. This was accomplished by using multi-level free-floating planes painted a lighter blue-grey tone to give a more open feel to this coastal renovation of an apartment community amenity clubhouse.


To reinforce the coastal theme, all the light fixtures had a curved, organic shape alluding to the movement of the water and the waves. Additionally, unique lighting fixtures were incorporated to help reinforce the height of the space and define the individuality of gathering areas, individual seating, and office spaces while maintaining an open concept. This project is just one example of what can be accomplished when implementing thoughtful design to every element of a project, a philosophy that our Designers apply to all of our projects.


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